Classic NES – Pac-Man for GBA Emulator

Classic NES – Pac-Man for GBA Emulator | Trailer Video


Classic NES – Pac-Man is a 1980 arcade game developed and published by Namco. It is the first game in the Pac-Man series.


In the game, Pac-Man is a yellow circle who must eat all the dots on the maze while avoiding four ghosts. The ghosts, Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde, are trying to eat Pac-Man.


Pac-Man is played from a top-down perspective. Players control Pac-Man using the joystick. Pac-Man can move left, right, up, and down. He can also eat dots, power pellets, and ghosts.

Power pellets make the ghosts turn blue, allowing Pac-Man to eat them for bonus points.

How to download:

**To download Classic NES – Pac-Man, you will need a Game Boy Advance emulator and the ROM file for the game.

There are many different Game Boy Advance emulators available, such as My Boy! and VisualBoyAdvance. You can find the ROM file for Classic NES – Pac-Man online.

Once you have the emulator and ROM file, you can follow these steps to download the game:

  1. Open the emulator.
  2. Click on the “File” menu and select “Load ROM.”
  3. Select the ROM file for Classic NES – Pac-Man.
  4. Click on the “Open” button.

The game will now start.**


Classic NES – Pac-Man is a classic arcade game that is sure to please fans of the genre. The game is simple to learn but difficult to master, and it is sure to provide hours of entertainment.


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